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EnerconAmerica is a Chicago based  boutique engineering firm which specializes in Power Plant
Design, Renewable Energy, Project Development and Management, Owner's Engineering, and
Consulting in the Energy/Power  sector. Our seasoned engineers and power specialists with 15 - 35
years of experience  offer customized engineering solutions to meet the plant owners' specific needs
ranging from independent power producers and merchant plants to state owned utilities.

Energy/Power experience encompasses:

Gas Turbine Simple and Combined Cycle Plants      
 Minimal Emissions
Solar Energy, Wind Power, Small Hydropower and Geothermal Power Systems     Green Energy
Coal Bed Methane/Landfill Gas/Digester Gas  CHP Plants      Green Energy  
Municipal Waste and Biomass-to-Energy Plants     Green Energy
Conventional Gas or Fuel-Oil Fired Plants
Retrofitting of Coal-Fired Plants for Emissions Control   
  Air Pollution Reduction
Trouble Shooting Calculations for Nuclear Power Plants
Off-grid Hybrid Power Generation for Micro-grids, Telecom Towers, Oil Platforms
 Green Energy
Transmission and Distribution Network and Smart Grid Evaluations     Grid Efficiency Increase  
T&D Live Wire Maintenance Training and TechnologyTransfer                           Energy Savings
Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency Engineering                                                Energy Savings

Our country experience includes:

USA, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia,  Jamaica,  India, Indonesia,
Iraq, Lebanon, China, Vietnam, Kazakhstan,Haiti, South Africa, Kenya and Senegal
                             1250 N. LaSalle Blvd. Suite 1112 Chicago IL 60610 USA          admin@enerconamerica.com       
Energy and Power Plant Engineering                         In Pursuit of Clean Energy
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